Superior Diagnostics, Targeted Treatments.

Lab Requisition & Shipping

Oral Health Lab Requisition Form

Prepare The Shipping Box

  1. To assemble the Category B shipping box, begin to fold the top-up.
  2. The side with 4 holes is the bottom.
  3. Fold small flaps in (2) so they are hovering over the holes.
  4. Next, fold the side up and into the box (3) to hold the small flaps in place.
  5. Press the sides down slightly (4) so there are 2 folded edges (inside top and outer top); the notches go into the four holes in the bottom.

Packing The Sample & Shipping​

  1. Place the prepared specimen bag containing the sample and order form (5) into the box.
  2. Fold the side into the interior of the box (6).
    Push the top down (7).
  3. Finally, hold the tabs into the box and push the front in (8). *Please tape the front shut for extra security.

Convenient Shipping Methods​

  1. Drop-in FedEx Dropbox/FedEx Office
  2. Call for pick up 1-800-GoFedEx say “agent” twice to speak to an agent. Let them know it’s biohazard prepaid pick-up.
  3. Click Here to Schedule a Pick-Up

Shipping Back To The US (International Customers)

  • Canada | $85
  • Europe | $130
  • South America/Puerto Rico | $75
  • New Zealand & Australia | $110
  • Saudi Arabia & Middle East | $170
  • All other countries | $120