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PerioDX Oral Health Test Service

Next-Gen DNA Sequencing (NGS) for Precise Microbial Diagnosis of Periodontal Infections

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PCR test for five microbes

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with Candida Albicans

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PCR PLUS Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

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how perioDX works for you

2x 2mL Vials

1x 90mL Cup

1 BD 50 mL Syringe

2x 2mL 1x Bio Bag

Lab Requisition

Box with Return Label

1x 5mL Saline Solution

Nex-Gen Sequencing

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how to prepare & ship your test

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) are used to analyze samples from saliva as well as periodontal pockets. The technology and the sampling method combine to give you a comprehensive report for your patient’s oral microbiome.

The PCR analysis in the PerioDX test is highly sensitive and specific for 15 bacteria and one fungus associated with periodontal disease.

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Yes, PerioDX tests the sample for antibiotic resistance genes present! These include:

  • Quinolone resistance
  • Methicillin resistance
  • Vancomycin resistance
  • Beta-lactam resistance
  • Carbapenem resistance
  • Macrolide resistance
  • Aminoglycoside resistance
  • Tetracycline resistance,
  • Bactrim, Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase CTX-M resistance.